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Dire Woofs

Dire Woofs was a Toronto based dog-fostering agency that helped dogs in dire need could find loving, forever homes. Dire Woofs is no longer an active organization. The team needed a customized WordPress backend to easily update content. The team would have to update the “Available Dogs” page each time the brought in a new dog. I created a custom system for managing the dog’s info. This system was built to exactly fit their needs and was totally customized for Dire Woofs. I created a custom shortcode, which is a user friendly way to add complex content to a page without knowing how to code. This shortcode allowed the team to insert downloadable adoption forms on any page they chose.

The Dire Woofs website was mobile friendly on a variety of devices. Using WordPress meant that the team could keep their content up to date and easily share things like events, photos and fundraisers as they happened. More team members were on board and exploring WordPress as a platform after redeveloping. It also encouraged people to explore the inner workings of the website.

I used the following tools and technologies to build the Dire Woofs page: HTML, CSS, PHP, Sass, Gulp and responsive web design.

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