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Tools I use September 19, 2016

Running a business means using a lot of different tools to get things done. I am a one woman show so I gotta keep tabs on a lot of different moving pieces. I make this happen by using some great … Continue reading

WordPress has “good” SEO September 12, 2016

** This post has affiliate links. When you click ’em and use ’em I get a little something something at no cost to you People hear about SEO and get really perked up! People hear a lot of great things … Continue reading

Saving my shoulders August 29, 2016

I spend hours upon hours on my rump behind a computer every single day. It ain’t because I am gaming furiously, its because I am working furiously. As a web developer, it makes a lot of sense that I spend … Continue reading

WordCamp Toronto 2016
Read all about it
August 8, 2016

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending WordCamp Toronto, an annual conference for WordPress enthusiasts. Everyone from developers, business owners, designers and bloggers filled the rooms to learn and connect. The Community at WordCamp The WordPress community is open, friendly and … Continue reading

Teach what you know August 1, 2016

Teaching has been the single best way for me to keep learning and keep on my toes. I started my pivot into the technical sector in September 2015 and I have found myself teaching what I know since then. At … Continue reading

Work is Meaningful July 18, 2016

I only do work that means something, I always have and I always will. I come from a field where you need to give a damn in order to do the work and that mentality has stuck with me in … Continue reading

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