Yaa Otchere

Websites from scratch for people who work with people


When you work for a not-for-profit, you live and breathe anti-oppression and social justice work, I get it, I rove the grassroots just like you. You need a website that rallies your kin but can do so without hassle and time wasted. Once the word is out on social media and your smoke signal has been lit, your people will need to know where to gather. That is where I come in and we smash out a web home for you like we smash the patriarchy.

Yaa, why should I work with you

“So, why me? I am social worker, a youth worker, a web developer and I give a damn. I know that most of y’all have let your websites slip. Not cute. You need to make sure people know you are up and running, hell, that you are established. Your outdated website is hurting you and it isn’t good enough anymore. Work with me and you can change anything you want, whenever you want. That is the power of using WordPress, it let’s you edit your content at any time.

Work on your website because…

Your website is your online, full-time outreach coordinator who works overtime. It gets your message into the heartbeat of communities. Does your current site do that? When we work together, you get a website that’s modern, showcases your amazing work, and brings people to your door.