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Monthly Archives: July 2016


Work is Meaningful July 18, 2016

I only do work that means something, I always have and I always will. I come from a field where you need to give a damn in order to do the work and that mentality has stuck with me in … Continue reading

Help your people find you July 11, 2016

When your name gets called, people get a buzz. Your name can cause a titter throughout a crowd. Does your website do that too? Or does it leave behind a trail of cricket noises and deftly avoided eye contact? We … Continue reading

A website is not a silo July 4, 2016

Is your website and agenda item on your weekly meetings? If he fly solo, do you regularly audit and update your site? Chances are your answer is  a really big nope. Other stuff takes priority. All that other biz shoulders its way to the front. … Continue reading